PlagiarismWatch is a US-based site that monitors and tracks the academic plagiarism worldwide. Posts published by PlagiarismWatch do not draw a conclusion on whether a paper has or has no plagiarism. The posts aim to educate authors, editors, and publishers about plagiarism in addition to stimulate discussion about plagiarism. We anticipate each audience could pay more attention to the evidences shown at this site instead that who present them. However, once plagiarism is found, COPE’s guideline should be followed.

We have received many emails from whistleblowers, and most of them don’t know how to properly write a brief report. Essentially, evidence or preliminary analysis should be attached, instead of just saying that a paper or someone displays misconduct. We will simply not investigate a case if no detailed evidence is provided. Anonymous email addresses are allowed, and we greatly encourage readers to contact us immediately about any academic plagiarism they’ve become aware of, with clear evidence presented.

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